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By and large, 2017 was an amazing year for me. This is a collection of short notes to the people who propelled me to high heights, and the people who held my back at the lowest of moments. It is my way of saying THANK YOU! Ps. This is a continuation of the gratitude challenge which I left at the count of 8

  1. Screenshot_20180103-164746I am grateful for Mom Tina because of her unwavering love and her fond care through the years. I am grateful that my highs, lows, successes and my failures are also hers in equal measure. Thank you because although I have outgrown the arms that you held with me as a child, I will never outgrow your open arms in the hugs that feel like home. That as adult as I am, I always feel delicately taken care of and fiercely protected in your presence.  And even though we do not spend us much time together as I would have wanted, I hope that you know what those phone calls and golden pieces of advice mean to me Ma’. (9 of 31)
  2. imagesZVMJ5CXBI am grateful for my job  because it kept me engaged through the year, both mentally and financially. I am grateful for all the teams made of  talent and everything intelligent and for the  premium to my name that comes with being a part of this amazing team. Most of all, I am profoundly grateful for the field assignments within the public sector that allow me to step out of the corporate zone and meet communities in the most self-effacing of ways. (10 of 31)
  3. I am grateful to dad Charlie.  Thank you because you have instilled in us the culture of holding ourselves accountable for our life choices. I am infinitely grateful because  you have raised us as a family and provided the leadership and support that we needed to the end. Thank you, in a special way, for giving us a reason to believe in the institution of marriage.( 11 of 31)
  4. I am grateful for my sister Immac for the sacrifices that she makes just so that we have a phenomenal example to follow. Thank you because you lead by example, and because you challenge us to excel in our own fields individually.  (12 of 31)cate
  5. I am grateful for mentor Catherine, who is everything that defines a great mentor.  I am grateful for the assignments that made me revisit the core of my being in the most reflective of ways and challenged me to revisit my life plan; and in the grand scheme- the purpose of my existence. I hope that you know just how much of a difference every session made. (13 of 31)
  6. I am grateful for Taji brand, for Hijabeefied and for this girl Ibtisam.  You all might know, but this is the one girl of our generation who brings the story of success so close home. I have faithfully watched her business and the pages grow in utter awe: feeling inspired, challenged and utterly motivated to ‘keep at it’ on my street! Congratulations for the milestones, and I hope that you know how much of an inspiration you are. Ps. I NEED a Taji right about now(14 of 31)
  7. I am grateful to Chris (Yes you Gee).  I am glad that in the year, you got that big break that you’ve always wanted and  are living your dream. I am grateful that you challenge me to do something about my heart’s truest desires and have taught me that success does not meet us halfway, you have to chase it with all that you have.(15 of 31)DP02a2OWAAAvwAD
  8. I am grateful to Chimamanda Ngozi and Gabrielle Union because through them, I was able to immerse myself in history, and because their literally work helped me understand how ephemeral success and  failure alike  really are. Because of their books, I now know that success is not a ‘point in time’ kind of story.  It is a fine blend of continuous effort, sacrifices and choosing to keep pushing on even in the face of frustrations. (16 of 31)
  9. I am grateful for my girl Shiku for being a girl with one of the purest hearts that I have ever met, and because of that, I am learning how to take things less personally. (And I just remembered that her name is Purity, how divine:-))  (17 of 31)
  10. I am grateful for my friend Lily. I am grateful that this year, she introduced me to Nairobi chapel CBD’s Thursday service and because she stirs us to grow our relationship with God. Thank you because you are possibly the best listener I know, and because of the exuberance that keeps us all energized. (18 of 31)
  11. I am grateful for my God daughter Adora. I am grateful that her parents entrusted  me with her, and that she is turning out to be such a charming kid. It is my ambition to set a good example to her. (19 of 31)
  12. I am grateful to my amazing friend Danso. Watching you start and finish your masters while delicately balancing your studies with your career was pure delight. I am extremely proud of you for the woman that you have turned out to be and I am looking forward to many years of continued personal growth and friendship. (20 of 31)Screenshot_20171218-235251
  13. To Rosca, I am individually grateful to the 5 amazing ladies who make life so much fun. I am grateful to Rosemary for her calm demeanour that calms every situation and makes us relook situations and choices with the tranquil mood that they deserve. (21 of 31)
  14. I am grateful to Cecilia for being the free spirit and kind soul in the team. I am grateful that she spices up our life with cheer so naturally. (22 of 31)
  15. I am grateful to Njata for being the sobriety in the team and because she makes decision making all so easy with her supernatural ability to look at the bigger picture and evaluate the pros and cons so effortlessly. (23 of 31)
  16. I am grateful to Patricia for her strong personality and being the solution giver in the toughest of situations. As a team, we are all severally indebted to her for this priceless association which would still be but an idea but for her. (24 of 31)
  17. I am grateful to my all-time best friend Elsie for being my sanity, my 7 in 1 spice girl, my every so often host and my confidant. Thank you because you are the one person who is brutally honest with me, but also cheers me on the loudest. You have no idea how lucky I feel to have you in my life (25 of 31)
  18. I am grateful for my performance manager Sarah. Thank you for the performance discussions which left me feeling nothing short of stirred and inspired; and because you have taught me the thin line between friendliness and familiarity at the work place. (26 of 31)
  19. I am grateful to my amazing high school deskie, Wilkister whom I fondly ever called KeyStar. I am grateful that years later, she is turning out to be the key star that I saw; and because she still believes in me as much as she did back in our teenage years.  Ps, you and I owe each other a date, soon. (27 of 31)
  20. I am grateful to this lovely soul, Nuvey. I am grateful  that she held me accountable to see this challenge through to completion. I am also  grateful for  her amiable soul, her tenacious will and her strong spirit even in the face of pressure. (28 of 31)imagesH3HVJ6X3
  21. I am grateful to you, dear reader, for being my motivation, my critical audience and my push. Thank you for being part of my community. And even though I might not know you personally,  individually, or even virtually, I just wanted to let you know that you mean SO much to me. (29 of 31)
  22. I am grateful to God for his mercies, his blessings and his favour through the year. It is my ambition to grow closer to you, and in the end, I hope that you will look at me with pride, all so happy that I made the best use of each talent that you endowed me with.   (30 of 31).I-Can_T-Say-How-Much-I-Like-You-And-How-Special-You-Are-To-Me-But-I-Can-Say-My-World-Is-Full-Of-Smiles-When-I-Am-With-You
  23. Lastly, I am grateful for the special man in my life. I am grateful that you let me experience a full cycle of emotions with you. I am grateful for how special you make me feel, for all the sweet morning texts and long evening chats; for all the dates, Netflix sessions and every memory that we hold so close. Thank you for being a beautiful part of my life and for being my happy yesterday and happy now. Most of all, thank you because you cover me through my vulnerabilities and because with you I feel adored beyond my flaws . (31 of 31, from 8 with love)

Here’s to a great year ahead!

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  1. How to make it to top 31: Apply pressure whenever possible and voila! Hehee. You are the ish, lady. I always look forward to your reads! Go big in 2018 hunnypie… Happy New Year!

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    • @Kamba Rep much much love from this street…That pressure was very important to the successful delivery of this post. Let’s go big in 2018 hun


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