The inside job

happyyyYou don’t have to be a picture perfect girl to have a perfect picture. You do not have to kill yourself and your flaws to be, because they all make you. Your story entirely lies on how you write it and your attitude defines your altitude.


I no longer seek approval or acceptance. If I impress, well and good. If I don’t, fine with me!

I no longer look at people around and wish they liked me. If they do, good. If they don’t, their loss!

I am not afraid to love, if it’s a happy ending, so be it…if not, the experience was worth the try!

I no longer stand at the mirror and bellyache about my weight, Un jour à la fois. (One day at a time…)

I live in the present moment in preparation for the future. I do not lose sleep over tomorrow. I stopped worrying about the kind of a job I will get, the kind of a car I will drive or the house I will live in. All in due time.

And lately, my working relationships have improved. I am more tolerant to the diversity and uniqueness of those around me. They say talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence wins championships. I simply want everyone around my circle to be the best they can, to take their time in self discovery and rise beyond disapproval. To know that passion beats talent, and to surprise the world in whatever course they choose to pursue. To quit worrying why their relationships failed or why they do not feel good enough. A woman who knows her worth is neither easily brought down nor full of insecurities. I no longer point out stars in my circle, because they all are stars in equal measure.I no longer allow people’s negative energy to get to my head. I have learnt that people will always cage their insecurities by way of criticizing others… If I am in control and able to improve, well and good. If I am not in control, I simply shake it off and walk on. That has been me lately.

People ask me how it feels to have a talent discovered; I tell them it is not about talent. It is having a passion and the self drive to rise and sacrifice. The zeal to try one more time even when you are totally beaten. The confidence that you will move the next mountain that stands on your way. Nothing comes easy; a lot of inside job is done behind the scenes. Happiness too, is an inside job.

happyyyAnd Lately, lately, I inhale confidence and exhale doubt! I simply enjoy the sun without worrying about the rain tomorrow.

Merry Christmas to all my readers 🙂

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