Diamonds and pebbles

Better a diamond with a flaw than a pebble without. ‘Diamond or pebble?’ is the question! images

With exams starting next week, it’s only normal that I am giving myself those talks of how I need to prepare early. So tomorrow I will TRY read, same old reading methods we have survived on for the past four years. I know I will be up at very ungodly hours ( Read as 2.00 am), probably have a last minute discussion with my fellow nightwalkers, take answers from whatsapp groups where people will be asking and answering questions with either shaky hands or obese fingers; which you can see through the number of typos in one sentence, on a bad day sleep early and wake up at three in the morning to read four unread chapters.. drop by Rakel’s room every morning for brainstorming (#too sharp a memory she has),  and so on and so forth. I am fantasizing about my next two weeks schedule with a smile, without the slightest guilt! Diamonds believe in themselves, they do not let exams pin them down (What is the worst that can happen anyway?)…and in the exam room, they deliver valid points that confuse examiners, they have sound content … It doesn’t matter whether they got it months ago by having stable relationship with unfailing faithfulness with Mwai Kibaki Library, or whether they got it a few hours to the exam. They also forget answers and meander around questions wisely.  They sometimes watch out for a lost spirit beside them. Call it teamwork.

imagesbI am listening to a music mix, labor of love… and the DJs ‘pick up’ line is ‘Before me there were many, but after me there will be none!, this is your girlfriend’s next favorite DJ’…that is the kind of incredible attitude that makes diamonds. Believing that your mark will be the bar setter, that you are a legend and stupendous in whatever course you choose to pursue. That trust that you will achieve virtually everything you set yourself to do, and every effort you put will pay in thousands, that your memory wont fail, and that nothing, absolutely nothing will prevent you from walking with your hem looking forward! The kind that The Mavins sing about in DOROBUCCI…Doro gallant, Doro smart , Doro skillful, Doro me, Doro you ..!

Shake off the dust off your feet and gear up for a bright exam period. Gloom and panic is for team pebbles! Bright and confident is for team diamonds! For the last minute readers crew, nothing truly makes a man more productive than the last minute. How true. Fingers, toes, eyes and legs crossed, we need luck.

Bonne chance!imageshv

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  1. Lilian the local touch bring out the Kenya we are, at first I thought I should criticize but your unique blend simplifies you originality.Keep pumping us with more ,I truly enjoyed this one.


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