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Nightmare in reverie

“Valentine, the saint. Over dinner.” (A few seconds of silence)… then …I simply want to meet him, have a repartee over his social life and request him to tell the world how Valentine’s Day should be spent. To define what love is, and to clear up all the expectation gaps. Three minutes earlier: Who in…

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Every choice you make now will have a consequence. Some choices will make you proud of yourself, some will make you doubt your sanity.

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Wind Beneath

It might not have cushioned me from the teenage curiosity and rebelliousness, but it sure prepared me to walk through the highs and lows with composure and poise

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Better days

It was my little nephew that I had missed most amongst them all. Feeding him, playing with him, the way he clung onto me like my very own baby and the intoxicating baby smell. We are inseparable. The idea was to be home for the weekend, get back to school on Monday morning and prepare…

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I got a girl I did not particularly like. We were the hi/bye kind of classmates, and there she was, allocated to be my roommate. Of course, I considered switching rooms, or being the kind of roommates who would just never be there. For a week or two, I was a day scholar. Then I…

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The table of men

The table of men: ‘DUNGA.’ There are some concrete cement seats normally placed outside the boys hostels. Men-to-be sit here with a lot of tête-à-tête, majorly women, football and music. They talk about girls they have slept with, while in the real sense they approached her, she gave a cold shoulder, but when the night…

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