Sunny side

Happy 2019!

Between my last post in October last year and now, I traveled to the moon, passed by hell, got stuck in my own space for a moment and now I am back on earth, back down to earth; no pun intended. (Sips tea). Okay, what I am saying in many words is that a lot happened between then and now; but that is no excuse for my inconsistency. This year, (and I like to keep my word), will see a lot of consistency from me.

Anywho, somewhere in my roller-coaster, I found myself in this heart to heart tête-à-tête. I don’t know how we ended up in the part of what we could have done differently….like if you knew what you know now, what would you have done differently.

Nothing, I said.  I think in life, there are no misplaced steps…..we need all of them; I added.

Is it? She asked, obviously underwhelmed

Yeah, my take… (and you can be sure that this was one long conversation)

But to give you my points in the least words possible; I like to lead a regret- free life. I am absolutely aware of the fact we falter and fall, we make incongruous choices, things don’t always go as planned and every now and then we go off the script. But I am also cognizant of the fact that every single choice has consequences which could go either way. The beauty about it is that we are in full control of the choices we make. I have therefore made it a habit to be look at everything I go through from the sunny side.

As 2019 starts, I thought it be nice to share a few tips on how to live on the sunny of life. Here are a few reminders…

  1. That time and chance happens to all of us. (biblical now, I know 🙂 ). I hope that you will remember that you are not early in your journey; and you are not any late either. The truth of the matter is that no one knows the journey ahead, it is a trial and error sort of thing for all of us, a step at a time, a leap in faith and a gamble in what we hope is the right direction.The secret lies in reminding yourself where you have been and refocusing on where you want to be. Ps. You can start late, be different, be uncertain and still succeed.
  1. That you should not let a bad day make you think that you have a bad life. And this is just that! No one out here has a perfect life, we do not expect a perfect life either. We may be so materially well off yet so psychologically tormented; and vice verser …
  2. That you should find a vacation every day. I hope that every now and then, you will pause, breath and remind yourself that it is not so much about where you are going but about WHO you are becoming. That you will have a moment in the craziest of days to smile at the masterpiece that your little effort over the days has given birth to.
  3. That you should remember to look alive out there, to be the kind of energy you want to have around you. To be the right company, in the company of the right people. As, Robin Sharma says and I  quote ‘It is a mark of wisdom to spend time in those places that inspire and energize you and associate with those people who elevate and uplift you.
  4. That you should aspire to live well, to be nice humans and conscious of the world around you. But most importantly, that you will work towards making your life matter. That this will be a year of significance and positive impact.

I wish you all a fruitful 2019!

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