Cold Flames

Boyfriend? Soulmate? Fiancé? Husband maybe? Not really, I said a man! Those other labels can wait. Perplexed I ask, “So what are you working on? Been three years now Nina, are you comfortable hanging in there… Rewind. Ten or so minutes ago, Nina was at the verge of breaking down. He had stood her up,…

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While seeking for a job

Are you going to be one of those who do work because they feel that they have no other choice. Those half baked clones you meet in town with gloomy faces whining about their jobs and bosses every single day? Will you be comfortable with delivering average results as long as you are not the…

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Reality check

Welcome to the world 2015 graduands. It’s a tough world this one. Le job hustle is real. If you are the type that has never struggled with money, interviews, rejections and everything that comes along with it, you can also read on. (Ahem) The thought of finishing school has been your most beautiful castle in…

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The third cent (Part 2)

Part one… ….5 months later: Brains encountered brains! Like every other teenage girl, she was increasingly getting the urge to have someone she could call her own. A man of her caliber who would understand her and walk the journey to greatness by her side. And well, she wanted the fondling and squeezes that made…

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Death beyond death

Only then did I know the pain of losing a child, an even more, losing a child in the University. It’s a death beyond the normal death, because you will look at their peers progressing through life, making it big in the charts of fame, and wonder what your child would have turned out to be had she lived longer.

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The certificate

It felt like a competition for survival where only the brightest would make it. But that was not the case. The system was not necessarily for the bright, it was for the lucky. But the harder people worked, the luckier they became. And so I worked hard- for luck.

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Roses of Pearls: Post valentines

“They are so happy out there, you wouldn’t imagine they are sick.” I absentmindedly tell the lady standing next to me as we watch them play and laugh with their newly made ‘friends’… “The kids here know that every day counts. They enjoy life to the fullest while they can. If one passes away, they…

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