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Lessons from Covid times

It still catches me by surprise that you found us worthy of being part of the generation that will live to tell the unadulterated tale of your time. Remember how it started? It was fear at first ear-hear. And rightfully so because ours was a troubled house. Locusts were upon us and doctors and nurses…

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The days are long, but the years are short! For some daft reason, I will start with an apology for ghosting you readers for most part of the year gone. Indeed, the days were long (extraordinaire); and before we knew it, the year gone. But was it that short? Mathematically speaking, 2020 lasted approximately 24…

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For those of us to whom motherhood was thrust upon; amid everything but the fullness of time; and those of us in the waiting room afraid of the barrenness of time.

For those of us who could not, or cannot carry a pregnancy to term because our wombs remain too impatient to see a baby to term; and those of us whose wombs are patient enough to see the baby to term, but end up with still babies, in the stillness of the night * My heart goes out to you.

For those of us who have to remember how it felt to hold their baby in their arms, because they lost them just when their arms were starting to get used to their little bundle of joy: and those of us whose children have never left their arms because they came with special needs.

And to all you mothers who continue to experience motherhood in beautiful perfections- may you never take this for granted....

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