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5 Little laws

It occurred to me that in marriage, there were laws beneath that had passed unnoticed; and laws that would never have made sense (in theory) because we have to live through them to comprehend…Here’s to both. The little law of flight landing This little law states that you can never land so smoothly that you…

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The coulda boyfriend

...Between the meet and  happily ever after, we swing between coulda, woulda and  shoulda circumstances. Am I sure? Can I stand this? Who does that? What kind of girls has he been dating? He is so clueless it hurts

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Diaries…of relationships

Hello brilliant readers! Today, we shall talk about those questions which do not have answers and leave you doubting your brilliance. When parents, grandparents and the larger society gang up to ask you why you are not getting married. You have the job, the house, the car, and you are a nice person. But then,…

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