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Welcome on-board and once again- congratulations on your new role. Be it a promotion at work, a switch of careers or organizations or you are kick-starting your career. While this can be a very exciting experience, it comes with a lot of anxiety and uncertainties and here’s why… You will have moments of immense self-doubt.…

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There was a time when dreams were hallucinations. Those days when you would wake up wondering if people with salaries used the same purses and wallets that you used, or if their purses were as big as back packs. You were a student surviving on lean budgets then. You questioned if they wore the same…

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The third cent (Part 2)

Part one… ….5 months later: Brains encountered brains! Like every other teenage girl, she was increasingly getting the urge to have someone she could call her own. A man of her caliber who would understand her and walk the journey to greatness by her side. And well, she wanted the fondling and squeezes that made…

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The certificate

It felt like a competition for survival where only the brightest would make it. But that was not the case. The system was not necessarily for the bright, it was for the lucky. But the harder people worked, the luckier they became. And so I worked hard- for luck.

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