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The table of men

The table of men: ‘DUNGA.’ There are some concrete cement seats normally placed outside the boys hostels. Men-to-be sit here with a lot of tête-à-tête, majorly women, football and music. They talk about girls they have slept with, while in the real sense they approached her, she gave a cold shoulder, but when the night…

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Claps of disdain

3.45pm: December 11th, 2014 “We cannot fight terrorism and fight for liberty at the same time. The al-shabaab movement is not synonymous to the Muslim religion, it is an extremist Jihadist terrorist group, they killed two policewomen today, our sheiks are no longer at ease in the mosques…we cannot fight the terrorists!” (I refuse to…

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Random Rant

By and large, there is no right or wrong answer in Marketing. It is essentially creating positive impressions and constantly putting forth propositions artistically. But you see, marketing is not purely an art, it has a scientific aspect called marketing research which is particular and precise! You either know research designs, sampling procedures and optimization…

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Diamonds and pebbles

Better a diamond with a flaw than a pebble without. ‘Diamond or pebble?’ is the question! With exams starting next week, it’s only normal that I am giving myself those talks of how I need to prepare early. So tomorrow I will TRY read, same old reading methods we have survived on for the past…

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Careless whispers

This a mix of careless whispers, stories retold, and a tirade here and there. You grew up with your breathtaking ideal man in mind, you probably fantasized he would come riding on a white horse, adorned in a royal tiara, athletic stature and with exceptional eloquence to match the imperial look. Picture perfect couple, you…

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Wrong for me in the right way

  I no longer believed in soul mates or love at first sight. I was starting to assume that there was no right person, just different flavors of wrong. I resigned to listening to the world’s best collection of bitter songs and drew consolation that even the supreme of celebrities too had gone through tough…

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In solidarity

Sunday 16th November, 2014. Weekend home and extra ordinarily early for mass. I am not exactly the girl who wears long skirts and a head scarf so particularly spared for Sunday. Lipstick as usual, decent pants and a stylish trench coat. I walk past the empty seats and sit at the last bench in the…

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Le Voyage ici

Le voyage ici simply means ‘The Journey Here’. This is a story about my blog, right from inception to birth and naming. We have all gone through interviews at one point or another. But this was no ordinary one. It wasn’t a panel, just two interviewers. One lady, and one Gent, both equally intelligent and…

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